#Thursday13: Things I learned while writing Exposing Ellen | #FF release week


The SkylarVerse

ExposingEllen_highres 1. I hate pronouns . When you have a same-sex scene, you can’t rely on “she” anymore.

2. F/F readership is growing, yay!

3. There are some AMAZING F/F authors telling wonderful love stories. (Check out my giveaway to win some of their books!)

4. When you’re writing about two women falling in love, you think more about how men and women view the process differently.

5. And yet, you realize that gender norms about falling in love can be total bullshit.

6. You party even harder when states challenge legal restrictions against gay marriage (Virginia is NOT yet for lovers…)

7. General genre misconceptions about outside the awesome romance community–only EROTICA contains two girls, and its usually only in a threesome with a guy, and who wants to read about two GIRLS falling in love…

8. Again…pronouns suck. Especially when you re-read a sentence and see…

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