LGBT History Month by Cherry Potts


Some great thoughts…

Women and Words


Happy Sunday everyone! Author Cherry Potts stopped by to share her thoughts about LGBT History Month!

Cherry has a website HERE. And you can check out her publisher, Arachne Press HERE.

LGBT History Month
by Cherry Potts

So: It’s LGBT History Month, and I started planning for that way back in December when I started booking readings (and readers–writers Clare Summerskill, V.G. Lee, Kate Foley, Rebecca Idris, V.A. Fearon, Catherine Blackfeather and actor Sarah Feathers, and my best girl, Alix,have all been very forthcoming with their time) for a series of events, and started blogging the Historical Birthday-Tea Party, a post a day for the year (in theory!) celebrating the birthdays of lesbians, wild women and fellow travelers.- pretty much any woman who might be or ought to have been a lesbian.

Identifying women from history as lesbian is quite tough, especially before around 1920, when the words weren’t…

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