Friday Cool Stuff!


Women and Words

OMG you guys, did you totally catch this AWESOME call for submissions yesterday that our own R.G. Emanuelle posted? She’s going to be co-editor on it (which makes it even MORE awesome).

It’s an anthology of Christmas-themed stories through Ylva Publishing and all profits go to the Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK and the Ali Forney Center in the US. Both are geared toward helping LGBTQ youth who are homeless or living in hostile environments.

How freaking cool is THAT?

Pretty cool. Here are the deets about the call for submissions. Seriously. Writers, get in on this. What a great time and what a great cause. Whip out your mad writing skillz!

Other goofy/cool/fun stuff I found while traipsing around the Interwebz:

This party tent. I mean, for reals. Who WOULDN’T want to party in a tent that looked like the London Tube? You can fit practically 80…

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