The Road Not Taken


I completely agree with you. Sometimes you just don’t know what will happen when you take a chance and take the road less chosen. How funny that Frost’s poem has been in my mind lately as well. ♡♡

R.G. Emanuelle

Many things have changed for me in the last few years, in all aspects of my life—my work life, my love life, and my writing life. And in all those areas, I’m meeting many new people and doing many new things. All of which have led me to a lot of thinking about roads taken and not taken.

It all starts off with realizing that such-and-such event happened as a result of X, Y, and Z, and had I not done X, Y, and Z, such-and-such wouldn’t have happened.

I’m not talking about the results of deliberate efforts, of working toward those particular goals. If you work really hard at your job with the intention of moving up the ladder and you become a VP,  that’s a result of intentional steps taken.

I’m talking about decisions that we make and roads that we take without really knowing what the consequences…

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