Ladysmith is coming out June 1st…here is what it is all about!


Rhavensfyre: Award winning author of lesbian fiction


When day and night meet
at the forge of souls,
the midnight sun will
bring mixed blessings.
The one who is two,
shall lose and gain
a crown.
One will be given
their hearts desire,
while another
shall be torn asunder.

There is a saying among the old ones, “If you dream of a mare, a MacLeod is sure to be near.”
Rohanna MacLeod grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories of her family and the old country, the myths and legends of the Fae becoming dearer to her with each loss in her young life.
True to her family name, Rohanna carries the MacLeod gift with horses. With single minded determination, she denies herself everything else that life offers in order to keep what is hers, to keep and preserve the family farm from an abusive stepmother she abhors.
Everything changes when she runs into trouble…

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