Book Review: Erzabet Bishop’s New Novel, _Sigil Fire_


Queerly Reading Lesbian


Paranormal fantasy, as a genre, often falls into a rather cheesy place, where vampires and weres exist in a real-world setting, beset with magic, yet those things merely mask a basic romance novel.   Given my wary disposition toward the genre, I was pleasantly surprised by the story crafted by Erzabeth Bishop in Sigil Fire. In fact, Bishop’s characters, an intricate weaving of action, and overall descriptive style caught me off-guard and left me wanting to read more.  While I am familiar with her novel, Beltane Fires,which I enjoyed, I found Sigil Fire to be much more compelling a tale.

Within paranormal setting of layered worlds of magic, cast with dark shadows and intrigue, Erzabet Bishop creates a thrilling detective tale, complete with strong female characters, a largess of succubus sexiness.  If, as Bishop writes, “sigil and blood magic will be the path that sets you free, ” then

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