Sneak Peek! Forbidden Fruit: Stories of Unwise Lesbian Desire



Out in early fall of 2014, join me and a host of talented authors in a new anthology edited by the wonderful Cheyenne Blue. Ladylit is known for their searing hot collections of lesbian erotica and this volume is choc full of both familiar and new faces. Get your e-readers ready for some unwise stories of lesbian desire…

Table of contents:

Our Woman by Rebecca Lynne Fullan

Hands Off by Ava-Ann Holland

Shelter by Jean Roberta

Ungodly Ours by Allison Wonderland

The Rules by Rachel O. Esplanade

The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet by Emily L. Byrne

Sunrise, Sunset by Sacchi Green

The Clinton County Horse Thief Society by Axa Lee

Freedom by Harper Bliss

Ascending Amelia by Erzabet Bishop

Bachelorette Party by Beth Wylde

Thanks to Irene by Nicole Wolfe

Ash by Niki Crow

The Law of Reciprocity by Laila Blake

Shallow End by L.C. Spoering

The First Stone by Lisabet Sarai

Out for the Count by Cheyenne Blue


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