New Release and Giveaway-Into the Mystic: Volume Three


Title:  Into the Mystic, Volume Three

Author: Ava Kelly, Bru Baker, Lis Valentine, Michelle Frost, L.J. Hamlin, K. Parr, Artemis Savory, M. Hollis, Ziggy Schutz

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: May 7, 2018

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Female/Female

Length: 55800

Genre: Paranormal Romance, LGBT, shifters, fantasy, mythology, magic, steampunk, vampires, disabilities, demons, bisexual, curses, ghosts, lesbian, paranormal, romance

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Nine lesbian/bisexual paranormal short stories…

It Started Before Noon – All stories must begin somewhere.

Heart’s Thaw – A frozen heart is no match for ignited passions.

Fire and Brine – Of all the bars in all the world, Alice had to wander into Cassandra’s. Are either of them ready for what comes next?

Dance with Me – Can a werewolf and a vampire put aside their differences to catch a thief in the Windy City?

My Cup of O Pos – Not every visit to the ER has to be stressful.

Home – A stray, an alpha, and a question: Where does she belong?

Swoon – Falling in love is tough when you’re a cursed pirate.

The Hunt – A first bite is never easy for a teenage vampire.

By Candlelight – A girl and her ghost await a funeral


It Started before Noon by Ava Kelly
Talida’s job as a muse is to tend to storypuffs, which she sells to storytellers when they need a spark of inspiration. One day, a gray-clad scientist named Ingrid comes into Talida’s store, trying to buy inspiration. However, scientists are boring and always adhering to strict rules, so Ingrid wouldn’t have any use for it, would she?

Heart’s Thaw by Bru Baker
As the daughter of the Duke Keering, Lady Helena Alexandra Gertrude Heart is well versed in propriety. Her purity has never been called into question, and many go so far as to call her frigid.

When a scorned incubus bespells her, Lady Heart must find a way to unlock her inner passions—and her true feelings for her trusted companion, Calliope—or risk an icy death at the hands of the creature’s curse.

Fire and Brine by Lis Valentine
Cassandra’s night was full of bar fights and angry truckers, and it’s about to get much longer as a strange woman appears claiming to be a plumber sent by a friend. Things heat up quickly and the pipes are forgotten as two women who know what they want come together. But Cassandra and Alice each have secrets of their own.

Dance with Me by Michelle Frost
Dominique Silver, Werewolf PI, isn’t in the business of catering to rich vampires even if they are gorgeous. When vampire Madeleine’s signet ring is stolen, she risks Dom’s ire if it means having the best investigator in the city on the case. Animosity simmers even as attraction sizzles, but when the trail leads them to an unlikely thief and hidden truths are revealed, will it rip apart the tentative trust they’ve built?

My Cup of O Pos by L.J. Hamlin
Vampires and humans are treated separately by different doctors, so one human doctor gets a surprise when her patient has no heartbeat. The young British vampire has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and is very used to hospitals and she charms her American doctor.

Home by K. Parr
Raised in the foster system, 19-year-old Farah is used to fending for herself—even after getting bitten and transformed into a werewolf. So, on the night of her fourth full moon after being bitten, she handcuffs herself to her bed and prays for the best.

But things don’t go according to plan.

Farah wakes up the next morning outside, naked and sprawled on the back lawn of a beautiful yet intimidating woman. An alpha werewolf and Farah has trespassed on her property.

Swoon by Artemis Savory
Mira, a pirate, is losing her voice, and if she doesn’t have sex soon, she’ll lose her life. But she isn’t drawn to men like her sisters are, and she can’t bring herself to touch one. Will she be able to find a woman to suit her needs and save her life? Or will she fall in love before taking the plunge?

The Hunt by M. Hollis
Belinda’s teeth have been itching and bothering her for weeks. Her mothers say this is just another part of being a young vampire and that she’s ready to hunt. But having a crush on the human girl she needs to bite was not what she expected from a Friday night.

By Candlelight by Ziggy Schutz
Zoe has been obsessed with death ever since she found out she would die young. Still, stepping out of her body to be met by a ghost was not completely as she expected, and Zoe finds herself less than eager to take the final steps toward her afterlife.


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Opposites: Five Clashing Tales of Lesbian Lust



Ladylit’s ‘Fab Five’ are back, and this time they will regale you with stories revolving around the age-old theme of Opposites Attract. Find out how a Democrat and a Republican reconcile their different political view points in Cheyenne Blue’s ‘Coming Out In District 31’, how a gym novice and a gym bunny get it on in Lucy Felthouse’s ‘Same Place, Same Time’, and how an older, rather uptight woman deals with a young brat spoiling her holiday in Harper Bliss’s ‘The Power of Words’. Further stories by Erzabet Bishop and Laila Blake expand the settings in this diverse mini-anthology to a bookstore and a museum. Tension flies high in these five tales of clashing lesbian lust, in which the characters will have to either ignore their desire or broaden their mind.

Table of Contents:
Same Place, Same Time by Lucy Felthouse
Dark Bloomer by Laila Blake
Coming Out in District 31 by Cheyenne Blue
Art Speak by Erzabet Bishop
The Power of Words by Harper Bliss



Mature women are on the prowl in ‘Cougars’, Ladylit’s new collection of lusty lesbian tales in which older ladies seduce younger ones… or the other way around. An ageing rock star has it bad for the singer of the latest hit band in Harper Bliss’s ‘Reunion Tour’. In Cheyenne Blue’s ‘Gorgon and Goat’ cheese plays its part in bringing two women together, while in Laila Blake’s ‘The Girl Next Door’ it’s a blackout in an apartment building that does the trick. Erzabet Bishop and Lucy Felthouse bring their usual light-heartedness to their stories of, respectively, an older airplane passenger in first class who has a young flight attendant all to herself, and a girl walking her dog who needs to return a stray pup she encounters on her path. ‘Cougars’ contains five mature tales of lesbian desire, in which gray strands of hair are a turn-on, and age and experience are celebrated, not ignored.

Caution: This title contains graphic language and mature f/f sex and is suitable for adults only.

Table of contents
Reunion Tour by Harper Bliss
Gorgon and Goat by Cheyenne Blue
Bali High by Erzabet Bishop
The Girl Next Door by Laila Blake
Returning Riley by Lucy Felthouse

Word count: 19.000

Price: $3.99

Available from
Amazon US
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Forbidden Fruit: Stories of Unwise Lesbian Desire and a visit with Niki Crow and Sacchi Green




Hello! I’m Niki Crow and I’ll be entertaining you today. I am a writer of lesbian and bisexual erotica and the reason I’m guest blogging here today is that I have a story in the excellent anthology “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire”. So does the lovely Sacchi Green, who I’ll be interviewing today as a part of the anthology’s release blog tour. Sacchi Green is an American writer of erotica and speculative fiction, a lovely lady, and her contribution to “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire” is an amazing (and hot!) story titled “Sunset, Sunrise”. But before we get down to the Qs and the As, I would like to thank another great author, Erzabet Bishop, for letting me use this space. Thank you, Erzabet! Now, on to Sacchi Green’s interview.

1. Your bio states you write erotica “and other stimulating genres”. What are the other genres, and which is your favorite?

Science fiction and fantasy, lumped together as speculative fiction, were my first loves, and I published just enough short stories under the name Connie Wilkins to qualify for SFWA, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Then I was distracted by the erotic side of The Force, and have been writing mostly erotica (sometimes blended with fantasy) for the last ten years or more. As to which is my favorite, well, I don’t see them as all that different from each other.

2. What made you start writing erotica?

I jumped right in as soon as I saw a Call for Submissions for Best Lesbian Erotica 1999. I’d been writing speculative fiction with erotic undercurrents anyway, and the market for erotica anthologies was really taking off, so I went with the flow.

3. What are your current projects?

I have an anthology called Me and My Boi: Queer Erotic Stories coming out from CleisPress next spring, and there’s still work to do with contracts, galley proofs, etc. I’ve also got another one contracted, stories chosen but not yet edited and turned in a as manuscript, called The Princess’s Bride: Lesbian Fairy Tale Erotica, which is a big thrill because it lets me blend erotica and fantasy. As far as writing stories of my own—well, the deadlines for the ones I plan to write aren’t all that close yet. I hope.

4. And now something completely off-topic: I heard you (like me) like to make preserves. Which is your favorite and why?

Long ago I used to go the whole route, pressure canner for veggies, etc., but I haven’t done that for many years. I freeze a few veggies from my garden, mostly stewed tomatoes and ratatouille, but making jams and chutneyis the most fun. I’ve taken to blending recipes, for instance using one third raspberries,one thirdpeaches, and one third pears, or adding crystallized ginger to peaches or pears. I’m also experimenting with reduced-sugar recipes.

5. Tell me about your story “Sunset, Sunrise” in “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire”.

“Sunset, Sunrise” was one of the rare stories that seem to write themselves. I seldom model my characters on real people, but this time I came dangerously close. Maybe the less said about that, the better. I do know the (slightly fictionalized) setting well, though, and have always wished I had a talent for arts like sculpture and painting, so writing the point-of-view character was a self-indulgent pleasure. I also enjoy writing about characters who aren’t all that young or conventionally attractive, so that part was self-indulgent, too.

“Not that Trouble, with a definite capital T, was actually looking my way. The big salt-and-pepper butch had eyes (and hands—such broad, strong hands.) only for the gorgeous young redhead who made voluptuous seem like a four- letter word.
Audrey sized up the situation fast. “So what else do I get?”
“All right,” I muttered,“ come around tomorrow tonight.” Audrey might be more intriguing if her interests weren’t strictly confined to getting her posterior paddled. I always make her earn it.
At table six I stood by the young lady’s shoulder, gazing deliberately down into the lush cleavage revealed by clinging azure silk. Then I glanced at her companion, hoping for a reaction. It didn’t even much matter what kind.
Clear hazel eyes in a sun-ruddy face surveyed me with a hint of amusement, and recognition.
“Good evening, I’m Rory,” I said demurely. “I’ll be serving you tonight.”
The corners of her mouth twitched. (Her? Sir, on occasion, without doubt; definitely a Daddy; but yes, in my own private lexicon, Her.)
“Hi Rory,” she said. “You must be moonlighting. Didn’t we last see you covered in mud?”
“Close enough,” I acknowledged. “Art feeds the soul, but that’s about all.”
I’d been smeared with clay when they’d wandered through the collective gallery that afternoon and glanced into my studio, obviously looking for a corner just secluded enough to pretend no one could see them making out. The butch had resisted the kid’s tug on her muscle-T long enough to look appreciatively at my nudes in porcelain and stone. “Go ahead,” I’d said, as her hand hovered over the rounded marble ass of a full-bodied figure crouching on all fours. “Go on, it’s meant to be irresistible.”
The carnal magnetism of her grin hit me like pounding surf. When her big finger stroked the smooth buttocks and probed down between the tempting thighs my crotch got wet enough to dampen the clay dust layering my jeans.”


The next stop on the Forbidden Fruit blog tour is Emily L. Byrne who is interviewing Niki Crow. 

Leave a comment on any post in the Forbidden Fruit blog tour to be entered into a random draw to win one of these great prizes. Prizes include a paperback copy of Girls Who Score, lesbian sports erotica edited by Ily Goyanes, Best Lesbian Romance 2011 edited by Radclyffe, a paperback copy of Wild Girls, Wild Nights edited by Sacchi Green, an ebook of Ladylit’s first lesbian anthology Anything She Wants, and a bundle of three mini-anthologies from Ladylit: Sweat, A Christmas to Remember and Bossy. All of these titles contain some stories written by the fabulous contributors to Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire. You must include an email address in  your comment to be entered into the draw.

Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire is available direct from the publisher, Ladylit ( or from Amazon, Smashwords, and other good retailers of ebooks.  Check out for all purchasing information.

Spread the Love: Valentine’s Special


Liz Valentine Special

The reading:

“Black and Blue” by Erzabet Bishop
How long do you wait for the one you love?
Book store manager Julie has a problem. Day after day and shift after shift, she obsesses about the gorgeous woman who frequents her store and soon worms her way into her heart. But can Julie wait for Grace to see her as more than just a friend?
Grace is fighting for her life. Cancer and an abusive boyfriend drive her to the bookstore for escape, where she meets Julie. The two form a friendship based on love and support, but soon Grace has to make a choice. Will she live the life she is meant to live, or will she let the threat of domestic violence kill her before her cancer has a chance to?


The book:

“Learning to Ride” by Fletcher DeLancey
They say that riding a bike is as easy as falling in love: you never really forget how. Or is it the other way around?

“Spider Lines” by Lois Cloarec Hart
Kris loves Sandy, her workaholic partner of 14 years, but lately she’s been feeling lonely and neglected. A trip to a local gym inspires Kris to take up climbing, both as a fitness challenge and as a way to feel again the passion that her long-term relationship seems to have lost. With a fit young teacher eager to impart the benefit of her experience, will Kris’ new-found ardour for the sport extend to her climbing instructor?

“Black and Blue” by Erzabet Bishop
How long do you wait for the one you love?
Book store manager Julie has a problem. Day after day and shift after shift, she obsesses about the gorgeous woman who frequents her store and soon worms her way into her heart. But can Julie wait for Grace to see her as more than just a friend?
Grace is fighting for her life. Cancer and an abusive boyfriend drive her to the bookstore for escape, where she meets Julie. The two form a friendship based on love and support, but soon Grace has to make a choice. Will she live the life she is meant to live, or will she let the threat of domestic violence kill her before her cancer has a chance to?

“Soft Hands and Hard Hats” by JL Merrow
When first-time potholer Han takes a trip down Yorkshire’s Gaping Gill, she doesn’t expect to be hit by a crippling attack of claustrophobia—or to meet a dark-skinned beauty in a hard hat who’s more than willing to hold her hand.
Experienced caver Kim may seem calm and collected in the pitch-black underground, but it turns out she’s got fears of her own. Maybe, though, two can be braver than one.

“Touch of the Traakyn” by Sandra Barret
Reconstructive surgery gave space marine Jolyne cyber prosthetics controlled by the latest neural implants, but it will take more to make her whole again.

“Red Hot Neighbour” by T.M. Croke
In a maze of moving boxes and warm memories, Peyton flashes back to the day her neighbour, Lillian, came into her home and her life, bringing her an apple pie and leaving with her heart.

“Smoke and Swans” by Alisha Kelley
Sarah lives a carefree life of casual hook-ups and free caffeine. That is until she meets Josie, a shy, intriguing young woman with a hidden passion that piques her curiosity.




The show:


Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the Love is an anthology full of love, romance and eroticism. All lesfic. All great authors showing what it means to them to spread the love. My story is about Julie, a bookstore manager, who falls for one of her customers. Grace is as lovely as her name. She has a couple of problems-she has a boyfriend who is abusive and she is dealing with cancer. Friendship and matters of the heart make this a wrenching story that is based on several things in my own life.

I hope you will check out the anthology and spread some love this Valentine’s Day.