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Join Ms. Bishop as she whisks you away on a holiday cruise filled with romance and sexy times on the high seas. Meet an alluring pirate vixen, a boudoir photographer and more with stories that are sure to make your season merry and bright.


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Stories include:
The Mermaid Tattoo: When Erin goes on a cruise with friends
to forget her failed romance, new revelations will make her holiday season
Captain, Oh Captain: A Temptation Resorts Story: Every
fantasy can be made real at Temptation Resorts. Even the cruise line that
brings you there.
Holiday Gifts: A Temptation Resorts Story: Never
underestimate the power of seduction and hidden benefits of dating the boss.
Wrapped in Red: Sexy times ensue when a chance encounter
leads Laurel to a boudoir photography session.
Excerpt from Mermaid Tattoo
Someone had created a winter wonderland. Evergreen trees lit up with white Christmas lights graced every corner. Fluffy piles of “snow” lined the walls, and in the far corner of the room, one very large tree presided over the rest. Crystal ornaments and silver slivers of tinsel glittered as the light bounced off every surface. Mermaids frolicked amid the snow-flocked branches. Hundreds of shells and other sea life dangled between delicate blown-glass bulbs that gave the tree an ethereal under-the-ocean glow.
“God, it’s gorgeous.”
Erin stepped into the room and marveled at the skill of whoever had set up the scene. It was spectacular. Movement on the far side of the room made her pause. She glimpsed a blonde woman with skin-tight jeans and a tight black tee hanging garland. She stepped off the ladder and retreated into the shadows.
I want to meet her.
The thought came unbidden, and it made her smile. She checked her watch and sighed. She didn’t have much time before the shops closed, and she did want to check out that photography studio.
“Thank you.” A voice came out of the shadows at the far side of the room.
Erin started. “Oh!” She began to spin around to see who’d joined her, but as she did, she experienced a sudden draft of air. The front of the dress slipped open as the tie unfastened. In horrifyingly slow motion, it fell apart, revealing the black satin bra and matching thong panties she’d worn for the occasion.
A dark chuckle of female laughter met her ears as the mysterious person in the shadows made her way toward the glow of the tree. “Need some help with the dress there, tourist girl?”
Erin yanked the tie closed, furious. She turned to make a nasty retort when the owner of the voice came into view. Every thought trickled out of her mind as she stared at the vision of loveliness in front of her. Long blonde hair framed a heart-shaped face. The other woman’s lips were curved upwards in a mischievous smile. Blue eyes bordering on purple flashed with merriment. Or possibly it was just the light. The tight pink shirt with “Fight Like a Girl” blazed across the front made her smile.
As her eyes adjusted and she took in the high breasts and shapely form in front of her, Erin’s mouth went dry, and her insides were infused with heat. A girl? I’m getting hot over a girl?
She’d never reacted this way to another person before. Ever. Not even Dylan. As far as she knew, she was as straight as straight could be. Yet here she was, staring at the woman in front of her as if she were the missing éclair from her last meal.
“Cat got your tongue?” The blonde seductress strolled past her and bent over, picking up a roll of white batting from the floor. Her jeans hugged her form like a second skin. The woman was close enough that the warm citrus scent of her rolled over Erin, and she sighed.
“Errr. Um. Hi. I’m Erin.”
“I’m Ariel. Glad you like the trees.”


About the author:
Erzabet Bishop is a two time USA Today award winning and bestselling author of paranormal and erotic romance. She lives in Houston, Texas and when she isn’t writing about sexy shifters or voluptuous heroines she enjoys playing in local bookstores and watching movies with her husband and furry kids.
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Emma’s New Year Release Day


Emma's New Year-200 x 300

Emma’s New Year by Eden Glenn

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

Contemporary F/F Short Novellette

Emma Reed needs a change from her stale boring straight life. Her lesbian friend drags her to a gay New Year’s Eve dance. There she meets butchy El Westin, out of her league and out of her comfort zone. The unexpected kiss at midnight makes Emma’s outlook start to sparkle and get interesting again. Emma has a choice to make. Is this a night of possibilities influenced by the magic of a borrowed amethyst necklace or is it a resolution in the making?


Emma Reed shifted uncomfortably on the cream leather passenger seat of Georgia McCord’s sapphire blue Volvo. December thirty-first in North Florida and warm enough for air conditioning in the old car. The lingering scents from the various specialty bath soaps they’d delivered to Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme assaulted her nose. The store had vendor agreements with a number of local artisans for the products they made. Georgia provided various concoctions for bath and beauty. Specialty goat’s milk soap constituted her biggest seller.

Christmas music played softly from the radio. Thankfully the programming would revert back to the customary top forty by tomorrow. Christmas endured as a tired old courtesan in faux jewelry and furs. Emma was just Ho, Ho, Ho’ed out. Six hours to the New Year and a chance for a new start. What to say when someone asked her what her New Year’s resolution was? Anything, just different.

The deep plum colored dress Emma borrowed clung to every curve in a sparkly Hollywood style and brought way too much attention to her breasts, which threatened to pop out the top. The purple stone of her necklace, another loaner, bumped against her cleavage as if disagreeing.

“If you don’t stop wiggling you’re gonna wear out the springs in my seat.” Georgia smiled patting her baby’s’ dashboard. “She’s old but in classic shape if you can keep from wearing out the leather on your side.” Georgia had swooped in less than an hour ago like her fairy god-mother with the daring dress straight out of a fashion magazine.

“Georgia, I’m not sure I really feel like going out. I don’t want to be a wet blanket on your fun.” Emma willed herself to stop shifting.

“It’s Friday night. You’re my best friend and I’m not leaving you at home to eat chunky monkey ice cream and sulk. Besides, without Dick Clark, the New Year’s Eve party on TV isn’t worth the air time.”

“Yes, but.”

“No buts. I’ve done my entrepreneurial duty by dropping off a fresh order of soap at Salynne’s. The night is young and it’s all ours.”

Emma fingered the beautiful amethyst pendant she’d borrowed from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme. Too costly to purchase, the owner insisted she wear the accessory on loan in exchange for some store name dropping at the party. The bauble matched her dress perfectly.

“Besides, I need a sophisticated wing-woman to accompany me on the hunt.”

Emma snorted unwilling to give voice to her feelings about the comment.

Georgia eased into the parking place and threw the gearshift into park. “I recognize the disbelief in that snort. You know insanity is expecting something different from the same old routine. Maybe you need to break out of that tired habit.” She pulled down Emma’s sun visor. “Look in that mirror and tell me what you see.”

Emma sighed, looking at her reflection. What did she really see? A mysterious, cosmopolitan woman? No. “I see a pig in a tuxedo.”

“Oh for the love of Freya,” Georgia gasped. “Well, I see a beautiful woman, sensuous and exotic.”

Emma laughed. “Okay sure, but you’re a lesbian. You think flannel’s sexy.”

Georgia winked. “Believe whatever you wish, but if we were headed into a straight club, I’d guarantee you wouldn’t need a ride home tonight. Maybe that necklace Cathwren loaned you will bring you some luck.”

“Am I really being subjected to dating advice from the queen of the one-night-stands?”

“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I had a one-night-stand that lasted six months once.” Georgia feathered her bangs across her brow with her fingers and ran her pinky over her bottom lip, smoothing her glossy lipstick.

No way. Emma shook her head. “I’ll be left waiting on the curb for you like a pumpkin at midnight then.”

Georgia’s cryptic look made Emma stop laughing. “Only if you want to, Cinderella. Your choice.”

A Visit with the author:

Tell us about your new work.

E: “Emma’s New Year” is vol 5 in “The Amethyst Desire Collection”  It’s about change and self-discovery. Emma has a choice to make. Is this a night of magic influenced by the borrowed necklace or is it a resolution in the making?

Why do you love to write lesbian fiction?

E: I love to write stories about love regardless of the gender it is packaged in. My stories are about two (or more) people in love and finding their way to better….better happiness, better love, better life. They forge though the challenges and obstacles. I would love the reader to come to the end of the story realizing that they enjoyed the journey with the characters and also not care that they were two women, or two men or a poly amorous union.

Cookies and why they are amazing… E: Ah, cookies are the great metaphor of life.

Lipstick…love it or hate it. E: What’s not to love?

Writing advice. E: Write the next good book

Whatever your heart desires. E: But it desires so much?



TBR July 10th to all fine ebook vendors





Twitter: @EdenGlenn

Other social medial contact are linked through my website

Interview questions:

  1. How did you get started writing lesbian fiction/romance?

E: Actually, I wrote a different piece for my first for Rebel Ink Press. They accepted it and it was in the process of going to print when my line editor sent me a lovely note and asked if I would consider writing a F/F piece for them. She said a lot of nice things that sucked me in before I realized how hard it would be. Two words Pronoun Hell. The end result was “Dar’kind Promises” a paranormal. Then “Beverly’s Secret” a contemporary followed by “Phoenix Re born” another paranormal and now “Emma’s New Year” another contemporary.  They are all novella and novelette length to make them quick fun reads with just enough sexy spice.


  1. I write because… E: I breath
  2. Heels or flats? E: “Boots”
  3. What kind of characters do you most like to write about and why?

E: “I want to do a cowgirl story! Because I’ve loved horses forever. We just vacationed on Chincoteague Island with the wild ponies. My undergraduate was in Psychology with a second full major in Equestrian Education. I taught horseback riding for many years and worked in extension education. I have a pony now that I am training to pull a cart.

  1. Tell us a little about your new release…

E: “Emma’s New Year” is vol 5 in “The Amethyst Desire Collection”  It’s about change and self-discovery. Emma has a choice to make. Is this a night of magic influenced by the borrowed necklace or is it a resolution in the making?

  1. Name three things on your desk right now. E: double monitors; a piece of rose quartz; a dragon statue from a happy meal.
  2. What are some of your favorite lesbian fiction/romance/erotic authors? E: There are too many, I have to pass
  3. Favorite dessert? E: Chocolate
  4. Plotter or pantster? E Pansplotter.  I started out very organic writer. I despaired at writing so many words into blind corners and chopping them all away. So I plot a wee bit now
  5. What are you working on now? E: several pieces. Draft/revision: “Dragon Betrayal” M/F; Revision “Dragon Emergence” M/M Rewrites “Dragon’s Mark” M/F/M and 1st draft of Vol 6 of the Amethyst Desire Collection “Lacy’s Treasure” F/F
  6. Tell us one thing about you that most people don’t know.  E: I will give you two; I was taught to swim by a mermaid before I was old enough to remember things. I continued learning from her every summer through my childhood. True story. Google Mermaids and Hernando County, FL

And I was a princess in the Miss Guanaja beauty pageant (Islas De La Bahia, Honduras, CA).There is a long story there which I may never tell.  I know both beauty pageant forms of waving at the crowd and I had to waltz with a boy who stepped on my toes just as much as I stepped on his.





Eden Glenn and her partner “the Lady Librarian” live in the eastern lee of the smoky mountains outside of Asheville, NC in a quaint southern home they’ve named Misselthwaite. Their household is owned by a cat and a lovable nuisance of a dog that should be in Japan. Eden has blue eyes, but her hair color is subject to change without notice. When she’s not writing she enjoys being Garden Goddess and exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains on her motorcycle.

Twitter: @EdenGlenn

FB: EdenGlennAuthor

All the links to her social media (Face Book, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Manic Readers, Library Thing, Google + , Linked, Pinterest, etc et al. can be found on her web


Emma’s New Year available July 10 from all fine Ebook cites.  Go to author’s webpage for links to your favorite ebook vendors.

Other F/F Erotic Romance written by Eden Glenn

Contemporary: “Beverly’s Secret”; Paranormal: “Dar’kind Promises”, “Phoenix Reborn”