Femme 4 Femme by H.L. Logan


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Misty just left the gay bar alone, too shy to approach anyone. Again. Tipsy with only her cat for company, she checks out the F4F ads. In the morning, she agrees to meet up with someone… but which ad did this Opal girl post, again?

A few months after a big move, Opal hasn’t managed to meet people in her new city. Adrift without her sorority sisters and keg parties, the loneliness drives her to the online personals. She’s only looking for a friend… so why did this Misty girl send her a winky face?

Once Misty and Opal meet up, Opal quickly decides they’ll be BFFs. Meanwhile, Misty’s crushing on her. Will Misty figure out Opal’s straight before falling even harder? Or will Opal realize the connection they share goes deeper than friendship?

(Femme 4 Femme is a 45,000-word standalone friends-to-lovers lesbian romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.)

Where could I find a friend I had anything in common with? It seemed impossible for me to stumble across one. But there had to be others like me, lonely and frustrated with living in this city.
How could I reach out to those people? How could I find those girls sitting alone in darkened rooms, watching classic comedy movies by themselves?
I drained my beer, and then it occurred to me. I could put up a personal ad.
Shaking my head at myself, I flipped to a different channel, trying to find something that would take my attention away from the thought. Nothing good was on—at least not good enough to make me stop thinking about my idea.
A girl like me didn’t need to use personal ads. I was social, well adjusted, I had friends… just not here.
Another beer down, and it seemed like a slightly less bad idea. Staring blankly at the TV screen, I thought about what I could put in this ad—the ad that I definitely wasn’t going to write. I could say I recently moved here, and that I was having a hard time connecting with people.
I opened a blank document on my laptop and typed out my thoughts, fiddling with the text until it was perfect.
Hey, never done anything like this before but I’m new in town and looking to meet some fun ladies. I’m into Greek life (Phi Beta Kappa!) and wine (and pumpkin lattes!). Portland’s cool, but I have to admit I don’t have much in common with the people I’m meeting here. If you’re in the same boat, drop me a line and let’s hang.
There, the ad was already done. What would I title it—hypothetically, of course?
I could say I was looking for a girl. No, not mature enough… I was looking for a woman. A lady. A female.
Hmm… they didn’t have the right ring to them. What about a “femme”? That sounded much more elegant. I was too young to be comfortable calling myself a woman, but saying I was a femme seemed fitting. I’d call my ad Femme 4 Femme.
That settled it… except I still wasn’t going to do it. It was stupid. What kind of response did I expect to get? I’d probably only get weirdos, if I got anything at all.
I flipped off the TV, grabbing my laptop and heading to my bedroom. Posting would more than likely come to nothing, but the alternative was another weekend completely alone.
Before I could talk myself out of it, I opened the laptop and went to Craigslist. I’d never actually used the site for anything but apartment hunting before. I had no idea what category I should even put this in, and I was too sleepy to waste my time browsing around trying to figure it out.
I had guy friends back in Rosebridge, but I was always closer with the girls. I wasn’t looking for a date, either.
I chose F4F and hit “post.”
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About the author:
 H.L. Logan is the pseudonym of a book-reading, tea-drinking lady from the central U.S. She has three cats and dreams of saving the world with quality LGBTQ fiction.