New Release and Giveaway-Into the Mystic: Volume Three


Title:  Into the Mystic, Volume Three

Author: Ava Kelly, Bru Baker, Lis Valentine, Michelle Frost, L.J. Hamlin, K. Parr, Artemis Savory, M. Hollis, Ziggy Schutz

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: May 7, 2018

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Female/Female

Length: 55800

Genre: Paranormal Romance, LGBT, shifters, fantasy, mythology, magic, steampunk, vampires, disabilities, demons, bisexual, curses, ghosts, lesbian, paranormal, romance

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Nine lesbian/bisexual paranormal short stories…

It Started Before Noon – All stories must begin somewhere.

Heart’s Thaw – A frozen heart is no match for ignited passions.

Fire and Brine – Of all the bars in all the world, Alice had to wander into Cassandra’s. Are either of them ready for what comes next?

Dance with Me – Can a werewolf and a vampire put aside their differences to catch a thief in the Windy City?

My Cup of O Pos – Not every visit to the ER has to be stressful.

Home – A stray, an alpha, and a question: Where does she belong?

Swoon – Falling in love is tough when you’re a cursed pirate.

The Hunt – A first bite is never easy for a teenage vampire.

By Candlelight – A girl and her ghost await a funeral


It Started before Noon by Ava Kelly
Talida’s job as a muse is to tend to storypuffs, which she sells to storytellers when they need a spark of inspiration. One day, a gray-clad scientist named Ingrid comes into Talida’s store, trying to buy inspiration. However, scientists are boring and always adhering to strict rules, so Ingrid wouldn’t have any use for it, would she?

Heart’s Thaw by Bru Baker
As the daughter of the Duke Keering, Lady Helena Alexandra Gertrude Heart is well versed in propriety. Her purity has never been called into question, and many go so far as to call her frigid.

When a scorned incubus bespells her, Lady Heart must find a way to unlock her inner passions—and her true feelings for her trusted companion, Calliope—or risk an icy death at the hands of the creature’s curse.

Fire and Brine by Lis Valentine
Cassandra’s night was full of bar fights and angry truckers, and it’s about to get much longer as a strange woman appears claiming to be a plumber sent by a friend. Things heat up quickly and the pipes are forgotten as two women who know what they want come together. But Cassandra and Alice each have secrets of their own.

Dance with Me by Michelle Frost
Dominique Silver, Werewolf PI, isn’t in the business of catering to rich vampires even if they are gorgeous. When vampire Madeleine’s signet ring is stolen, she risks Dom’s ire if it means having the best investigator in the city on the case. Animosity simmers even as attraction sizzles, but when the trail leads them to an unlikely thief and hidden truths are revealed, will it rip apart the tentative trust they’ve built?

My Cup of O Pos by L.J. Hamlin
Vampires and humans are treated separately by different doctors, so one human doctor gets a surprise when her patient has no heartbeat. The young British vampire has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and is very used to hospitals and she charms her American doctor.

Home by K. Parr
Raised in the foster system, 19-year-old Farah is used to fending for herself—even after getting bitten and transformed into a werewolf. So, on the night of her fourth full moon after being bitten, she handcuffs herself to her bed and prays for the best.

But things don’t go according to plan.

Farah wakes up the next morning outside, naked and sprawled on the back lawn of a beautiful yet intimidating woman. An alpha werewolf and Farah has trespassed on her property.

Swoon by Artemis Savory
Mira, a pirate, is losing her voice, and if she doesn’t have sex soon, she’ll lose her life. But she isn’t drawn to men like her sisters are, and she can’t bring herself to touch one. Will she be able to find a woman to suit her needs and save her life? Or will she fall in love before taking the plunge?

The Hunt by M. Hollis
Belinda’s teeth have been itching and bothering her for weeks. Her mothers say this is just another part of being a young vampire and that she’s ready to hunt. But having a crush on the human girl she needs to bite was not what she expected from a Friday night.

By Candlelight by Ziggy Schutz
Zoe has been obsessed with death ever since she found out she would die young. Still, stepping out of her body to be met by a ghost was not completely as she expected, and Zoe finds herself less than eager to take the final steps toward her afterlife.


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The Burning of Arbor by J. L. Brown


Title:  The Burning of Arbor
Series: The Witches of Arbor, Book One
Author: J.L. Brown
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: April 16, 2018
Heat Level: 2 – Fade to Black Sex
Pairing: Female/Female/Male (Female/Female interaction)
Length: 101400
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, LGBT, paranormal, witches, bisexual, polyamory, religion

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Evangeline Clarion is a fiery artist and
elemental witch. She dreams of opening a gallery in her small town of Arbor,
but Eva’s embrace of her own power and sexuality offends the pious
sensibilities of the devout Arbor citizenry.
A gaggle Eva referred to as “Arbor’s
Most Moral” sets out on a witch hunt to ruin her and drive her out of town.
They attack her in the pews, in the press, and in person. But instead of
weakening her, the relentless barrage fuels the fire within her.
As her burgeoning magic is set aflame within
Eva, so is her desire. While her neighbors plot against her, Eva falls in
love—first with the mesmerizing heir of the Morgan Manor estate, and later with
a beautiful Wiccan. Eva relies on both of them, along with a cast of magical
cohorts, to help her combat the witch hunt. But when magical retribution goes
too far, Arbor’s salvation rests in the hands of a witch.






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The Burning of Arbor
J.L. Brown © 2018
All Rights Reserved
Chapter One
True magic has thrived in the world long
before man documented such things. A spark of magic is present in every wish,
at every birth and deathbed. It manifests itself in first kisses and first
loves. It animates and inspires us. It abounds in the change of seasons, in the
most remote forests and congested steel cities. Magic dwells within the rock of
the mountains, and inhabits the waters of every stream and river and ocean. It
exists both in the wondrous and mundane of every day. It is neither good nor
evil. Magic bears no moral compass. The intention of the practitioner who
wields it determines its use, for good or ill. And no one can escape magic’s
most essential rule: what one projects into the universe will return threefold.
The Wiccan Rede states, “An ye harm
none, do what ye will.”
I chose a different motto to live by.
“Harm none, but take no shit.”
I was never good at following the rules,
and I learned my lessons the hard way.
I refused to cower. I clenched my fists
to keep from fidgeting and sighed at the twinge of pain where my nails left
half-moon imprints in my palms.
“Isn’t the bank usually closed on your
Sabbath?” I asked, maintaining eye contact with the crotchety loan officer
across the desk.
The woman could catapult my dreams had
she the inclination, and I could tell she reveled in this power over me. My
emerald stare seemed to unnerve her for a slim second, but she set her spine
rigid. Her suspicious gaze rolled over me, and she twisted her wrinkled lips
into a scowl.
“I thought it best not to delay the
inevitable, Ms. Clarion. I’ll be brief. You know as well as I that this little
scheme will never get off the ground. Arbor is a quiet, wholesome community,
not well suited for your kind of… business venture.” She scrunched up her nose
as if the notion itself smelled foul. “However, I am nothing if not
by-the-book. I reviewed your application, and after considering every factor, I
must decline your request. Your excessive student loans, exorbitant
debt-to-income ratio, and lack-luster credit history disqualify you for a
mortgage loan.”
“What about my savings?” I asked. This
isn’t happening. This can’t be happening. Panic spiked my veins, and sweat
beaded along my forehead.
“Your… savings?” she snickered.
“Woefully inadequate.”
“It’s twenty thousand dollars!” I said,
shooting to my feet.
“I am sorry, Ms. Clarion. There is
nothing I can do for you.” But she wasn’t sorry. Her smug expression made that
clear. She enjoyed withholding the means of my success.
Of course this is happening. The
decision shouldn’t have shocked me, but it did, and it hurt. “So, that’s it?”
“I’m afraid so.”
I should’ve known better than to think
anyone from Arbor would allow someone like me so public a platform. I might
sully the well-crafted image of the town they so carefully portray to the
For as long as I could remember, I’d
dreamed of owning a place to sell my artwork and designs, somewhere to perform.
It would be a gathering spot for the creative, the different, the weird. I’d
been saving for years.
This woman thinks she can crush my
dreams in a single five-minute meeting? No fucking way. I’ll figure something
The glare of the noonday sun blinded me
as I emerged from the Arbor Savings & Loan. Squinting, I sat on the bank’s
steps to fish my sunglasses out of my bag. Once my vision adjusted, I took in
the view along Parson Street, downtown Arbor’s main drag. It bustled with a
Sunday afternoon’s lazy vigor. The Rockwellian cafés and shops teemed with the
post–church-service crowd. Clusters of believers mingled and gossiped and
bragged, decked out in their finest prim and proper attire. Arrogance and
privilege marked their manners. Without a droplet of sweat on a single brow,
the parishioners seemed somehow immune to the sun’s crushing heat. The air hung
stagnant and oppressive in the conservative hamlet, nestled as it was into the
base of Gothics Peak.
A piercing “Keeee-aaar” sounded from
high above. I looked into the crystalline summer sky at a red-tailed hawk
swooping in circles, his wings spread wide. I’d know that bird anywhere. Rocky
had been my faithful familiar for almost nine years, since I’d entered high
school. Besides his no-nonsense sagacity, Rocky granted me the ability to
fly—when he was in close enough proximity for me to feed off his magic. He was
the second familiar with whom I’d been blessed. Shasta came to me when I was
eight, right after my mother died. Shasta never ventured into town, though. An
abnormally large black bear walking amongst the masses wouldn’t go over well.
“Your meeting didn’t go as planned, I
judge.” Rocky’s sharp, stately voice echoed within my mind.
“You judge correctly,” I replied in the
same fashion.
“That backwards thinking pencil-pusher
never had any intention of aiding you, and you know it. I’ll never understand
why you bother with the fools in this town. Your talents would shine down in
the city. That’s where you need to be.”
“You know I can’t leave Maggie.”
“No. You don’t want to leave your
goddess-mother. Big difference.”
“I’m not going to argue semantics. I
just want to get home and forget this entire morning.”
“Hate to break the news, but unless you
plan on riding the wind with me, you face a delay.”
“I’ve already exceeded my maximum daily
dose of aggravation, thank you very much. I’m done.”
“You don’t have a choice. Have you seen
who’s planted in your path?”
Halfway down Parson Street, between me
and where I’d parked my truck, was a gaggle I referred to as Arbor’s Most
Moral. Mayor Doreen Crandall sat at a bistro table outside of Ebenezer’s Café.
Beside her lounged Reverend Cudlow—pastor of the First Ecclesiastical Church of
Arbor, the town’s only house of worship—and his haughty wife Gladys.
“Hurry by them, Evangeline, and do not
dawdle. Shasta’s got her fur in a bunch.”
Without waiting for a reply, he caught
the wind and headed back to our cottage.



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Meet the Author

I’ve always been a lover of words – reading them, writing them, singing them. And I’m known as a talker – especially about politics, usually at an abnormally loud volume. I was the kid who always got into trouble for staying up too late to read, and that habit has followed me into adulthood. Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, and Jane Austen are my greatest literary influences. Family is important to me, and I cherish the large Italian Catholic family that raised me. I’ve been married over 18 years. I’m a momma of two incredible boys. I have a small home in New Jersey, and enjoy listening to my husband’s music, camping, kayaking, and getting lost in the woods. I’m a coffee and wine drinker, and I believe chocolate can cure most ills.

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Release Day: Written on Skin


Author: Erzabet Bishop

Novella/lesbian fiction/urban fantasy


Magic and mystery come to life when humans encounter the secrets of Forbidden Ink. When a blood-for-ink trade gives Genevieve more than she bargained for, her world gets upended. A visit to Cirque Nocturne to blow off some steam is intended to give her the distraction she needs, but this tattooed beauty finds more waiting for her in the shadows than she could ever have hoped for.

List Price:

E-book: .99


978-3-95533-281-5 ( mobi); 978-3-95533-282-2 (epub); 978-3-95533-283-9 (pdf)

Publication Date: October 21, 2014

Buy link:



Not even realizing her feet were once again responsible for moving her forward, Genevieve sifted toward the edge of the ring, her eyes never leaving the vision floating in the air above her. The music swirled around her, gossamer and silk. Genevieve’s lips parted, and she sighed in contentment. The birds etched in her skin quivered and heaved against their constraints, as if eager to break free.

Ours, they cooed.

One of us, they whispered.

Genevieve was transfixed as she watched Maliah roll through the air, and something dormant inside of her flared to life. A thunderbolt of realization hit her, and she gasped. The birds trembled beneath her flesh as if they knew this woman flying above them. Maliah was one of them—a creature of the air, weightless and flowing.


Hi. I’m Erzabet Bishop and I write all sorts of erotic romance and urban fantasy. I’m happiest when I’m doing both at the same time. Visiting the world of Sigil Fire once more, I’ve taken another turn with a new character I hope you will all love. Gen is a girl in search of something more and she finds it beneath the shadowy big top of a night circus. Fae from Sigil Fire makes an appearance and I am hard at work on the next book.

Join me for the new Ylva holiday anthology for a Sigil Fire short called “First Christmas” where Fae and Sonia explore home and the meaning of love and togetherness.


About the author:

Erzabet Bishop has been crafting stories since she could pound keys on her parents’ old typewriter. She has only just learned that it is a whole lot more fun writing naughty books. She is a contributing author to the Silk Words website with her Fetish Fair, Gingerbread Dreams, Holiday Cruise and Temptation Resorts interactive romances, Sci Spanks 2014 Anthology, Potnia, A Christmas To Remember, Taboo II, Forbidden Fruit, Club Rook: The Series, Sweat, Bossy, Cougars, Spank or Treat, When the Clock Strikes Thirteen, Wicked Things, Unwrap these Presents (upcoming), Unbound Box, Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs, Holidays in Hell, Corset Magazine: Sex Around the World, Vaginas and Vulvas, Man vs. Machine: The Sex Toy Issue, Smut by the Sea Volume 2, Hell Whore Volume 2, Can’t Get Enough, Slave Girls, The Big Book of Submission, Hungry for More, Gratis II, Gratis III, Anything She Wants, Dirty Little Numbers, Kink-E magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer, Coming Together: Girl on Girl, Shifters and Coming Together: Hungry for Love among others. She is the author of Lipstick (upcoming), Dinner Date, Tethered, Sweet Seductions: The Erzabet Bishop Collection (upcoming), Red Moon Rising (upcoming), Red Boots (upcoming),Pomegranate (upcoming), Sigil Fire, Written on Skin: A Sigil Fire Short, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation. Erzabet was a finalist for the GCLS 2014 awards in two separate categories. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.

Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.


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